Cimarron Firearms is an American firearms importer that has been in operation since 1984. The company’s field of specialty is reproduction firearms from the American Civil War to the end of the Old West period. Founded by Mike Harvey in Houston, Texas, the company is now based in Fredericksburg, Texas.[1]

Cimarron produces firearms within the industry of western reproduction arms. The firearms are manufactured to their specifications by Uberti and Davide Pedersoli in Brescia, Italy. Uberti makes their revolvers, lever action rifles as well as the 1885 single shot falling block rifle, and shotguns. Pedersoli makes rolling block and falling block single shot rifles to their specifications. In 2011 Cimarron contracted Armscor to manufacture a pre-World War 2 pattern 1911 semiautomatic pistol to their specifications.[2]

Because of the attention to detail given their firearms, Cimarron’s revolvers and rifles have been used by weapons masters in a number of Western Films. Additionally, Cimarron markets several of these firearms to collectors in addition to reenactors and competitive shooters. Many of the company’s designs have won awards from True West Magazine‘s “Best of the West”.

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Cimarron has two-dozen versions of 19th century rifles built to their specifications by Uberti such as the various Henry rifles and Winchester lever-action carbines such as the 1866 Yellowboy, 1873 Winchester and the Winchester Model 1892. Cimarron’s 1873 Trapper is a replica of the Winchester Model 1873 carbine with one exception; the company patented a magazine spring and follower to allow a shooter the ability to load 10 cartridges in the short magazine for competition instead of the standard 9 rounds.

Cimarron offers a replica of the Civil War era Spencer rifle chambered in a centerfire version of its original rimfire loading as well as more commonly available rounds such as .45 Colt.

Aside from repeating rifles, Cimmaron has exclusive single shot Sharps rifles and High and Low Wall single-shot rifles built by Pedersoli and Uberti. These rifles include many custom features not found on other modern reproductions such as cut rifling that has been polished and lapped for accuracy.