1860 Army Fluted Cylinder .44 cal., 8″


Here’s another great historical replica inspired by an original in Cimarron’s antique arms collection, the 1860 Fluted Cylinder Army. Produced exactly like the standard 1860 Army revolver with the full round rebated cylinder, except this version has a full fluted cylinder, without the engraved naval battle cylinder scene. This 8-inch, .44 caliber cap-and-ball sixgun was originally called the “Cavalry” model, and only an estimated 4,000 of this model was produced during the first years of the 1860 Colt’s production run. Like the original full-fluted army model, Cimarron’s replica is made with the four-screw color case hardened frame, blued steel back strap and brass trigger guard, and is finished in either the Standard Blue or the Charcoal Blue finish. With this replica, you can pack a sixgun that is a historically authentic, sleek looking percussion revolver that few gun fanciers have ever seen!