McCulloch Colt


Cimarron has reproduced an authentic copy of this unique and colorful Colt from a rare original in our antique collection. In early 1861, after Texas had seceded from the Union and federal troops were no longer guarding the Lone Star State, the citizens realized that they would have to defend themselves against marauding Indians along their vast frontier. Veteran Indian fighter and Texas Ranger Ben McCulloch went directly to his longtime personal friend Samuel Colt to order their new 1860 “Cavalry” revolvers with the full-fluted cylinders, to arm his Texas Rangers. An order for 2,000 guns was placed with Colt and although Texas was officially a Confederate State, the company accepted the order, knowing that delivery would be difficult. Eventually two shipments totaling 1,000 revolvers, with full-fluted cylinders, were able to run past the Union blockade and delivered the Colt’s to New Orleans where they were loaded on wagons and freighted to Texas. The guns saw action with the Texas Rangers and McCulloch’s troops at the set of the Civil War. Today, an original McCulloch 1860 Army, as it is called by collectors, is a rare and highly desirable piece of Texas history! Cimarron’s replica is offered in the Original Finish, as one might find a genuine McCulloch Colt, if extremely lucky! This 8-inch barreled, .44 caliber percussion six-shooter–complete with the full-fluted cylinder and the military-type four-screw frame– is an exact duplicate of one of the most sought after Confederate (by association) and Texas firearms known!

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